Sean Marie Sweeney

Designing a Learning Rich MakerSpace

Whether your school is just getting started or wondering what the next steps should be in the world of making, you will walk away with the plans you need to move forward with student learning through making. Starting with some hands-on experience to get us in the maker mindset, we will then explore various models and examples of what a makerspace can be and the learning potential they bring. We will analyze common failures and share struggles with getting started and maintaining a MakerSpace to inform our learning. All of your ideas and learning will be brought together into an informed plan of action through Stanford’s Design Thinking model. You will not only walk away with your next steps for taking the maker mentality to the next level, but also a community of support that you can call upon in times of need or share with in times of success. Look forward to MAKING a change in learning with you!

About Sean

Sean’s professional passion is to help her fellow educators understand the difference between using technology in the classroom and integrating technology into the learning environment. Sean got her start as a sixth grade science and language art teacher, but quickly realized her love for helping other teachers become confident users of technology as she supported Zionsville Community Schools with their interactive whiteboard and 1 to 1 laptop initiatives. Building on her minor in Computer Education, she completed her Master of Arts in Educational Technology through Michigan State University. This degree allowed her to transition into the role of N-12 Director of Technology Integration at the American School Foundation of Monterrey to drive the vision of developing students’ 21st Century Skills through the use of technology. After developing the Technology Integration Program at ASFM, Sean has consulted with several international schools and associations to support the launch of similar programs. Currently she works as the Director of Educational Technology for Colegio F.D. Roosevelt in Lima, Peru. She also teaches at the graduate level for Michigan State University’s Master of Arts in Educational Technology program, which focus on the TPACK framework and the benefits of learning through design. For her extensive work in transforming classroom practices through the use of technology, Ms. Sweeney has been recognized as an Apple Distinguished Educator.

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