Andrea Stadler

Design Thinking: let’s explore, let’s redesign

Design Thinking is a powerful process that helps create innovative solutions to problems and challenges. It is a mindset that reveals new ways of thinking and doing.

This workshop provides an experiential introduction to the Design Thinking process where we will learn to lead with empathy, challenge assumptions, and explore the power of creation and collaboration. If this sounds like a compelling approach to learning for you and your students, this session is right for you.

Participants will have the opportunity to:

  • Experience the design process through engaging activities
  • Explore different design cycles and adopt or create one to best suit individual needs
  • Explore ways to use the Design Thinking process to engage students through the creation of challenging projects
  • Understand who and where to go to for Design Thinking resources
About Andrea

Andrea Reinsmoen-Stadler is currently a HS tech coach at Academia Cotopaxi. She holds a MA in Differentiated Instruction and has done a plethora of courses such as a google summit, online course on gamification, coding, coaching, and is always ready to learn more.

Previously she taught design technology as well as languages (up to four in one class!) at the American School of Bombay. At ASB, she was part of the Research and Development team for 5 years. As she researched best practices and future visions on education, she played around with ways to integrate it into her classroom to enhance learning, creating a unique language class. Her work has been published in the International Schools Journal this April. She also recently released an app on the app store to help students practice French at home.

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