Michelle Lampinen

Discover, Connect, and Collaborate Through Student Blogs


This session will enable you to help your students discover their voice, connect their ideas to the world beyond the classroom, and collaborate with an audience they didn’t know they had.

In the age of increased competition, overtesting, and societal pressure to “get ahead,” many students have gotten the message that if it’s not a five-paragraph essay, it’s not worth much. Formulaic writing is taking ahold of many classrooms, and students are latching onto it. And what’s worse is that in many classrooms, due to high curricular content demands, authentic writing is rare, if existent at all. However, this does not have to be the case. Attend this session to learn how to successfully integrate student blogging into your class, regardless of what grade or subject area you teach. Learn how use blogs to help students to take intellectual risks, reflect on their learning, create content instead of simply consuming it, and express their understanding in new ways. Use blogs to help students develop the communication skills necessary to succeed academically, at work, and in life.

We will talk about how to use blogs as a part of your normal classroom routine, rather than as an add-on that would tip the scales of what you and your students can manage. Furthermore, we will discuss ways to make blogs an integral part of an authentic learning process. And finally, we will find ways to get your students hooked on blogging so they don’t even realize they’re doing “work”!

Possible Outcomes

As a participant you will:

  • understand how blogging can teach students to discover, connect, and collaborate
  • understand the value of student blogs as a tool for learning in any grade and any subject
  • explore a variety of blogging platforms to be used at different grade levels
  • develop a system for managing, organizing, and assessing student blogs
  • learn strategies to help students use blogs to foster creativity, reflection, and communication skills
  • compile a personalized list of ideas for using student blogs in your own classroom
  • create your own blog so you can model the process for your students
Intended Audience

ES, MS, HS teachers in any grade level or subject area!

About Michelle
Michelle Lampinen is a National Board Certified Teacher who currently teaches IB Language & Literature in Costa Rica. Prior to diving into the exciting world of teaching abroad, she taught English at Biotechnology High School in New Jersey for ten years. She is passionate about teaching students that there is more to life than grades, and she uses this philosophy to guide them toward being creative, global-minded citizens. Additionally, she is a self-proclaimed tech expert and loves using technology to redefine teaching and learning. She loves participating in professional development as a participant and a presenter, and she is extremely excited to learn with you at Learning2!

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