Megan Kuemmerlin

Get Off Your Island: Creating a Personal Learning Network

When John Donne wrote, “No man is an island, entire of itself,” he must have been talking about Personal Learning Networks (PLN). Being an unconnected learner is not an option in our world today. As educators we need to harness the power of each other. Around the world educators are connecting with one another to collaborate, question, share, challenge the status quo, reflect, and simply learn more from one another through PLN.

When you create a PLN for yourself you expand your database and increase your exposure in the world of education. A PLN is exactly what it sounds like–individualized learning through connections within your personalized community. A PLN can be online or offline, it is all about surrounding yourself with peers, mentors, idols, and gurus you want to learn from.

Possible Outcomes

Participants will:

  • Understand the basics of social media and how to utilize it to build your PLN
  • Self-reflect on your level of connectedness
  • Explore Twitter #hashtags and chats
  • Participate in a live Twitter chat
  • Develop your own offline PLN with other PLN newbies through a Google Doc
  • Share fears and dreams and problem solve with other participants
  • Make connections and find specific subjects/topics/people
  • Understand that you have things to share and contribute your knowledge to our group
  • Reflect on and plan what’s next in your PLN journey
Intended Audience

Educators who want to connect and collaborate with other educators around the world.

About Megan

Megan is currently the Elementary Assistant Principal at the American School of Campinas in Brazil. She is originally from the United States, but has spent the past 7 years teaching internationally in China and Brazil. Prior to moving to “the dark side” Megan taught 3rd and 5th grade. In her current role she works to model the power of technology, connectivism, and reflection with her staff and students. Megan is passionate about her family, eLearning, anything peanut butter and chocolate, college basketball, and traveling. She is a current COETAILer, new mom, retired basketball player, and aspiring foodie.

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