Maggie Powers

Transform Your Classroom into a Design and Maker Studio

Join this session to discover new ways to infuse design thinking into your classroom as a tool to help students solve real-world problems and develop deeper empathy with others. We will discuss how design thinking can inspire a bias towards action in your students, develop their collaboration skills, and facilitate hands-on making and tinkering in the classroom.

In addition to exploring what design thinking and making can look like in the classroom, participants will have a chance to engage in rapid prototyping and collaborative brainstorming, so you can experience first-hand the tools and practices you will be able to bring back to your classrooms.

The session will end with each participant creating a Design Thinking Integration plan, which will help bring design thinking back to each person’s classroom context in meaningful ways and explore if and how to change their classroom space to better support this work.

Possible Outcomes

Participants will …

  • Understand design thinking and how it fits into the classroom
  • Practice mindsets: bias towards action, creative confidence, empathy
  • Work collaboratively with a team to create a prototype
  • Learn tools, resources, and protocols for making in the classroom
  • Create a plan for integrating design thinking and making in their classrooms, including rearranging their space
Intended Audience

K-12 teachers, tech coordinators/coaches

About Maggie

Maggie is a Lower School Technology Coordinator at an independent school, where she oversees the new I.D.E.A. Studio, a space for Pre-K to 5th grade students to practice design thinking, work as tinkerers and makers, and use their imaginations to invent and create. She is also a Technology and Education Consultant specializing in design thinking, early childhood education, social media, and global education. Maggie is currently exploring ways to foster innovation in school culture and integrate mindfulness into schools. She regularly presents on these topics both locally and internationally, including Learning2.015 Asia and Learning2.014 Africa. She was named a PBS Digital Innovator in 2014 and an Exchange Exceptional Emerging Leader in 2015 and a Google Certified Innovator in 2016.

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