We recognise that participants need common spaces to share their experiences & extend their learning. At Learning2 South America 2016, we will form cohorts of participants organised by curriculum/common interest groupings. On sign-up, we will ask participants to nominate a cohort they want to ‘hang out with’ at the conference.

The cohort concept will be facilitated by a cohort facilitator and supported by three face-to-face (f2f) opportunities at the conference to establish those vital personal connections. The cohort facilitator will promote sharing and collaboration in the cohort so that cohort members can place what they have learned within the context of their positions as well as to strengthen their connections across the region. If you are interested in getting involved and facilitating a cohort, please be sure to indicate this on your registration form.

We anticipate the cohorts for the conference to be as follows:

  • Administrators/School Leaders
  • Curriculum Leaders
  • Technology Leaders (WS)
  • Design and Technology
  • Learning Support
  • Pastoral Leaders
  • Information Literacy/Library
  • English as an Additional Language (WS)
  • Visual Arts
  • Physical Education
  • Performing Arts
  • Mathematics (WS)
  • Lower Elementary School
  • Upper Elementary School
  • Early Childhood Generalist
  • English/Language Arts (ES)
  • Technology Leaders (Lower ES)
  • Technology Leaders (Upper ES)
  • Technology Leaders (MS)
  • Technology Leaders (HS)
  • Science (MS/HS)
  • English/Language Arts (MS/HS)
  • Humanities (MS/HS)
  • World Languages (WS)

Here’s what the cohort sessions might look like:

Cohort session 1 – Thursday Evening

We will incorporate a session on the first evening for the cohort to meet for the first time. This session will address the idea of a cohort learning together whilst also investing time into training on how to use the online community.

Cohort session 2 – Friday Afternoon

On the second day, the focus will be on building relationships in the cohort by sharing experiences and areas of interest, challenges and so on. The goal of this session is for the cohort to become a cohesive unit. This extends to the online community where people will be encouraged to share notes from sessions they’ve attended along with collaborative notes from the cohort group.

Cohort session 3 – Saturday Afternoon

On the last day, our session with a focus on consolidating, making meaning, setting goals, sharing, and continuing the conversation. The cohort facilitator might suggest people or groups for members to connect with and will encourage further participation in the online community after the conference.

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